Working Girls

On the Little Brown Farm, it's all about the Working Girls. 

The goats ARE the reason we do what we do. I encourage you to come to our farm and see for yourself what special creatures they are and why it is so important to handle the sacrifices they make to provide us with milk for our cheeses so respectfully.  

If you are lucky indeed, I may even introduce you to Velvet Rose, my favorite girl. Each one has a name, most of them know their names... well, all of them probably do, but some obstinately refuse to acknowledge I want something when I call them.

They are my girls, my co-workers, my partners in the venture and my companions. If you don't like goats - move on... there is plenty of cheese at Costco and you can find Velveeta next to the powdered macaroni and cheese boxes (don't tell anyone... I LIVED off of those in college!). Yes, I'm just being feisty... come try our cheese, learn about our animals
and maybe we can help you see the wonder we have found in goats, and if not, we have at least connected you a little bit with your food and that is good enough for me.

Because our goats are so important to us, we feed a custom-milled certified organic grain. It's milled just for us about 50 miles north of here. We also supplement their grazing with organic hay (some is certified some is not but the same practices applied by the same grower) grown here on Whidbey Island.
We are not certified organic and do not choose to go that route. One of the smaller reasons is that we also feed our goats treats of peanuts and we don't have an organic source for those... but it would be cruel to take them away, they love them like I love chocolate.

Sometimes our goats are for sale. If you're interested, please contact us. If you intend on staking them out or just using them to eat your blackberries with no human interaction, move on... and this time I'm not teasing. You have to have a suitable home for our goats.