Goats for Sale

We offer discounts for purchases of multiple goats, 4-H, herds we know (because we know how you care for your critters and that's important to us). 

The best thing to do is come and meet us and the animals and communicate what you're looking for. We can likely help you make the best decision.

Communicate what you need, we can help... and if we can't, we can usually point you in the right direction! .

So you think you want a goat...
Questions you should ask:

What diseases do you test for?
We test for CAE, CL, Johnes and Brucellosis and now keep a closed herd for disease prevention. We have never had
a test result come back positive or even questionable (requiring a re-test). We used to test annually, but after 7 years of no change and 3 years of a closed
herd, we now only test every 3rd year because in a herd our size it is quite costly and labor intensive.

I want a milk goat for home milk use, what should I get?
Well, you want a female. Depending on when you want the milk, you may want a baby that you can hand-raise or you may want a girl that is already 'fresh' with milk. You may also consider a bred doe if you have experience or an excellent support system in place in case things go wrong.
You can't have just one goat though... you may consider a doe in milk and a doe kid for future milk, then rotate your girls' breeding to keep milk flowing.

I want a pet, what should I get?

Really? You want a pet goat? Have you done your research? you know they grow up? you know you must have more than one? and you just want a pet? Goats live about 14-17 years. Are you sure you want a pet goat? If you move, it isn't like a dog... most apartments don't accept goats (I actually haven't heard of any). It is like a dog that it will either become bonded to you and love you or you will ignore it and it will have horrible manners and cause no end of trouble for you.
If you've thought of all that, there are a few options. Girls make great pets, but they do come into 'heat' and can become a bit, um, PMS-y. Boys, once they've been fixed can be great pets, but just because you neuter (wether) them young, doesn't mean they won't develop boy-ish habits and manly musk scents... most don't but some do. It depends on which you could handle better.

I want brush eaters, what should I get?
Will you supplement their feed, interact with them and provide them fencing, or sit with them when they aren't fenced (that's how we handle it)? If so, then
goats are exactly what you need. They are pros at clearing all sorts of weeds and brush. There are a few plants that are bad for them, and even deadly. Make
sure you research those. If you don't plan to supplement their feed or maintain daily rapport with them... go somewhere else (may I suggest Home Depot for a
weed-wacker?). My goats aren't for you. 

I want a 4-H project goat?
Let's talk!! I love introducing youth to goats. I think it can be the most rewarding experience out there. We have really nice, beautiful goats. We have healthy goats. I am happy to help. We sell our goats CHEAP for 4-H-ers, and they are fully registered or registrable through ADGA as Purebred or American Nubians... we may even have some mini-nubians for sale but registration is a bit different with them I think (both ADGA registered parents).

I want a show winner?
Good for you. We might have some kids for you. I can make recommendations, but I do not show and am not qualified to tell you what would show best for your judges. We have had a LA done (and want to do another one... when we have time - maybe next year?). I know a bit about conformation and a lot about DHIA/milk test, and milking. Any
of our adult does that would do well in the ring, aren't available for sale. We have some excellent family milkers every year, but not usually show quality. Occasionally we do, just because they don't fit in well with the herd or something, but it is rare.

I want a meat goat?
Sorry, we are raising all of our own meat goats up. We have none for sale at this time.

I want a breeding buck?
You have to catch them young or put your request in now... if one comes along that I think is worthy, I could let you know. Otherwise by the time they are 2 weeks old, they are off to a farm that is helping us raise them up for their ultimate pasture duty then meat. Once an animal leaves my property it does not come back and I do not guarantee it's health status.